Lime Mine

 The Lime Mine

We put up a memorial of the mining past of our area.

The sightseeing lime mine is at the foot of the Königsberg, which was in production until the year 1967.
The world “under ground”, that is inside the mountain, shows here its special attraction.
The groups of visitors that are led by a proficient guide go by a small pit train through a long,
winded gallery, in which vaults bedded in mortar and galleries that are roughly cut into the rocks
alternate with fantastic ledges.
In some places, calcareous water that has been continuously outflowing has produced first signs
of dripstone and considerable deposits of sinter.

The pit train trip ends where the gallery finally widens in a cave built by the hand of man and a circular
route of 300 meters starts about 50 meters below ground. The structure of the mountain in the interior
of the earth is visible here and the different rocks stand out.In the rocky ravine that had arisen millions
of years ago glittery crystals have formed. You can experience very close how the rocks were mined
at this place.

An exposition with boards, rocks and tools will help to complete the impression you got from visiting the mine.
Everything associated with the lime mine still exists, and is explained by clear comments.
A short colour sound movie that explains all the processes of extracting lime, from mining the rocks under ground , charging the kilns, slaking and grinding the lime and finally its various uses, rounds off what the visitor will have

The lime mine at the foot of the Königsberg is considered a first-class industrial memorial that is unique in Germany.

A trip to the lime mine is impressive and instructive and always worth a visit.


Opening hours 

The lime mine is open from the end of March to the beginning of November on Sundays and holidays from 1 pm to 6 pm with last entry at approximately 5 pm. We recommend that private groups of visitors and school classes make prior arrangements, as tours can be scheduled on various weekdays. For further information please contact our tourist office


Helpful information 

The visit under ground is also suitable for wheelchairs. The guided tour lasts approximately one and a half hours. We recommend the use of sturdy shoes. 

Tourist office of the municipality 

67742 Lauterecken 

telephone: 06382/791 0 

telefax: 06382/791 990 

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telephone of the lime mine: 06304/1739 (only during the time of guided tours)


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